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social responsibility

nicolas, do people really need another luxury fashion brand?
in order to survive? no.

so why did you create your luxury fashion brand “heart of zeus” in the first place?
from the outside, ‘heart of zeus’ is a fashion label. but on the inside it stands for an idea.

what idea?
the idea that we all can transform ourselves into gods, if we choose to listen and follow our heart. a gentle heart. a more empathetic heart. a ‘heart of zeus’.

a more empathetic heart? please explain.
we donate 20% of our profits to two charities that are dear to my heart

which charities do you support?
the first charity is maison chance. maison chance is a springboard for orphans and street children in vietnam. i spent one semester in vietnam and learnt about their work. i was so impressed and intrigued by their mission that i decided to contribute to their cause. why? because i know that every single cent, we send them, will be used to make the life of children in vietnam better.

what is the second charity that you support through “heart of zeus”
the second charity we support is el shaddai in goa in india. my dad’s parents come from goa. el shaddai`s mission is to bring childhood back to children who have never had one as well as to create a safe, secure and bright future for under-privileged children by creating environments and establishing schools to transform children’s lives. my commitment to el shaddai also stems from my desire to reconnect with my goan roots. as a son of a goan dad and a french mom, i am somehow a child of two worlds. fun fact: i got my passion for fashion from my french mom.

it sounds like that “heart of zeus” is much more than a new fashion brand, right?
absolutely. “heart of zeus” is a luxury fashion brand for gods and goddesses. each of our pieces is limited to only 2000 items. in other words: “heart of zeus” is a highly exclusive luxury fashion brand that only uses the very best materials. i am also a painter and artist. my creative expressions - be it my clothes or my paintings are made for special individuals who live their life by one rule: “quality & uniqueness over everything”. this is the mission of “heart of zeus”.

how would you describe the design language of “heart of zeus”
minimalistic & unisex. my fashion pieces are for both, women and men. and the fashion language of “heart of zeus” is minimalistic. why? because i can feel that today’s society is getting sick from visual overstimulation. young people spend the majority of their time staring at screens. i created “heart of zeus” to give people a visual break from all that noise. 

thank you for your time, nicolas.