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heart of zeus

mission, vision & ethos

our ethos

With this being said, Heart of Zeus will always stay committed to the following foundational pillars:

exceptional quality
we want you to think of your heart of zeus garment as an investment in your individuality.that’s why we only source top-quality fabrics from high-end merchants. all of our garments are durable, well-constructed and designed to be worn for multiple seasons.

gods and goddesses don’t conform to the crowd and neither do we. our bold, minimalistic designs are destined to stand out from a sea of shifting trends and visual overstimulation. we believe that fashion should complement your shine without covering it up. that’s why we provide streetwear that speaks volumes without drowning you out in the process.

gender fluidity
we don’t believe in boxes. it's time to step out of the constraints of gender conformity for good. heart of zeus recognizes that you are a person, not a gender, which is why we offer a range of unisex garments for you to style as you please. the possibilities are infinite!

body positivity
all of our garments are designed to be worn oversized but we encourage you to choose a fit that makes you feel comfortable. we believe that all bodies are perfect regardless of their size or shape, which is why our labels describe the fit of the garment, not the size of your body.

intentionally limited
we guarantee a sense of exclusivity that you won’t get from mass-produced labels by limiting the number of items we produce per design. when you own a heart of zeus item, you own one of only 2000 that will ever be made.

social responsibility
in addition to cutting down on material waste, we are deeply committed to creating a sustainable fashion industry with an innate sense of social responsibility. our brand will continue to make a difference in the lives of the needy by donating20% of all profits to various charities. you can rest assured that when you choose a heart of zeus garment, you are a participant in our quest to do better.

We know how important it is to feel that you can trust in the quality of your garments and understand that you need to find a provider that has your best interests at heart. that’s why we are committed to always being straightforward and upfront with you. with heart of zeus, what you see is what you get.

radical optimism
our attitude is one of our greatest assets. we champion radical optimism and share our passion with our loyal customers. although clothing might not be able to change the world on its own, when they empower you to be your best self, you can do anything you set your mind to.

outstanding Customer Service
we always put our customers’ best interests first and make sure that we tailor our offering to their needs, providing outstanding customer support and fast, efficient service. our customers are nothing short of divine and they deserve to be treated accordingly!

building long-lasting relationships
we pride ourselves in making authentic connections with our customers, helping them to look their best and live their lives to their fullest potential. we consistently work on building a long-term client base who know that they can expect incredible service and quality from us with each and every order.